Fitness Guidance

Physical Fitness Guidance

Physical fitness is a state of being healthy that can be achieved when an appropriate amount of exercise, a proper nutrient diet and sufficient rest is given to a body.

HealthSous app helps you to attain physical fitness by all means. Our tailored fitness & diet plan app helps individual to understand their body and guides you to all the three parameters that helps you achieve health and well-being. The three parameters are:

  1. Proper Nutrition: With a collaboration of many dietitian, Heathsous has curated a generic diet plan that specifies haw many calories inclusive of all vitamins, minerals and fat has to be taken by a person with certain BMI. A lot of factors are kept in consideration in obtaining such diet.

  2. Exercise: In collaboration with many fitness trainers, Healthsous has come up with best possible exercises that do not require any special equipments and our users can practice & perform those exercises anytime anywhere as per their convenience. Our app also tells you the amount of calories burnt by performing these exercises on many parameters such as time, nature of exercise etc.

  3. Proper Rest: If you record or allow third party apps like S-Health, Apple Health or Google Fit to fetch data for sleep or physical activity, our app can also guide you for the right amount of rest that an individual need for well-being.